Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vida Divina Review Business Opportunity Presentation And Overview Information

Welcome To My Vida Divina Business Presentation Page

If you're here, it means that you have a real interest in joining our company.  On this page, I will go over a few things you might be interested in knowing about Vida Divina and the Vida Divina Business Opportunity. 

Vida Divina translates into Life Divine and we are a brand new health and wellness company (launched Fall 2016) with many years of experienced leadership at the helm of our company.   

Top Earner and Millionaire Marketer, Armand Puyolt is the captain and CEO of our global company. Armand Puyolt (above) is a legendary leader of vision, passion, integrity, and love for all people.  

The mission of Vida Divina is to "Lead With Love" and our goal is to help each franchise owner aka known as distributor/rep to create a thriving, lucrative, work at home business. 

Our products are all natural, organic, and safe!   We have more than 15 products, including the Amazing and Original Detox Tea which is the #1 Detox Tea in the World! 

Vida Divina holds ownership of it's very own manufacturing facility which is located near the center of the largest city in Mexico, Mexico City or Distrito Federal.  Vida Divina currently holds over 200 patented products and seeks to introduce more as the company expands. The facility currently operates day and night to more efficiently keep up with the ever-growing demand of our products.

Privately  Owned  &  100%  Debt  Free
24/7  Production
Secure  25  Years  of  Experience
50%  Commissions


Each of our products is affordably priced at $60 each and volume is dollar for dollar which translates into more income for you and your family!  You'll also be eligible for many bonuses including check matches and a Car Bonus!! 

Vida Divina is a Global, ground floor opportunity with many opportunities for growth and expansion!!

My goal is to help you win at online marketing and help your dreams for your family come true.

If you're ready to get started and you've watched the video above, just email me at asklisaminter@gmail.com or call me at 901-654-5911 to get started.  

I'll send you my link and you can enroll from there!!!

Once you are enrolled...I Will Get You Plugged In And We'll Begin Your Training!

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