Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Does Vida Divina Mean?

Are You Wondering What Vida Divina Means?

Vida Divina is the brand new health and wellness company started by network marketing phenom, Armand Puyolt.  Vida Divina is due to launch in the coming days and everyone is wondering what exactly Vida Divina is and the origin of this name.  

Vida Divina is translated Spanish to English and is Life Divine

According to Google, Vida is...

  • La vida is a feminine noun and it means (the) life. Viva "live" is the impersonal imperative of the verb vivir - to live. So the intention is to "live the life" or "live your life" or "live life" You cannot always interpret word for word. It is the meaning you are searching for.

And Divina is translated from Spanish to English as...

  • The feminine form of divino and means divine or heavenly. 

Here is the Vida Divina logo and is represented with wings underneath a globe of the world with North America and South Americ as well as Africa prominently displayed.  

Vida Divina will have a total of 34 life giving products that are made all under one roof and Vida Divina also owns it's distribution center so all our products will be owned by the company.  Our products are created by the wife of CEO and President, Armand Puyolt, Dr. Esther Puyolt. 

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