Saturday, September 10, 2016

Has Vida Divina Launched? Breaking News!!

If you are wondering if Vida Divina has launched then you are going to be pleased to know that Vida Divina is LIVE!

What that means for you is that you can now place your Vida Divina orders for products like the TeDivina (our original detox tea) and our other organic and natural weight loss and health and wellness products.

Go here to take a look at our list of other available products:

We will be adding more products to the website as we go along.

Vida Divina also has expedited shipping available so that your products can get to you sooner!

Here's a couple of other things you should know about Vida Divina...

  1. Vida Divina did a whopping $23 Million dollars in sales in it's first week breaking records in the network marketing industry!!!
  2. You can still enroll FREE as a Vida Divina Rep and lock in your spot on my team until the end of September 2016.   
  3. If you join by 11:59pm PST on today (September 10, 2016) and purchase a Fast Start package, you will get paid for any sales and sign ups this month!
If you are ready to enroll into Vida Divina, please complete this questionnaire so that I can best know how to help you get started:

This is an amazing and awesome time to be a part of the Vida Divina Family!

Be awesome!!

Lisa Mason  

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