About Lisa

Hi There!

I'm Lisa Mason Minter and I recently relocated back to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri after spending much of adult life in Memphis, Tennessee!

Just to share a little about myself...I'm a mom of four young adults and 3 little grand-daughters who call me Gran-Gran.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, learning, helping others, and my church life.

I also have a son who is a Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps and I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor! 

Ooo-Rah and Go Me!

I've been in the home based business industry for about six years and I absolutely love what I do.  
I have been fortunate enough to be very successful with my online marketing career and have had many successes as a Top Recruiter and Top Retailer and dominated the Leader Boards in my last company.  I'm a network marketing leader and professional and take my online career very seriously. 

However, my work with women online and Vida Divina has been the most rewarding because this company stands behind its name and the products actually WORK.   

I have complete confidence in supporting and promoting the Vida Divina products. 

One of the many things that I love about this company, Vida Divina, is that because it is global, I can run my Vida Divina business from the comfort of my home in St. Louis, Missouri.

I started drinking the Original Detox Tea in early December 2014 and have had some pretty amazing results losing a dress size in the first month after years of struggling to lose weight!  Being able to experience a total body detox and increase my energy has been a wonderful journey for me and so far I have lost a total of 4 dress sizes. 

If you'd like to contact me about Vida Divina, I'd love to hear from you!

You can text me at 901-654-5911 or email me at asklisaminter@gmail.com!

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All The Best!

Office Hours:  9am-7pm CST
Email:  asklisamason@gmail.com
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